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Vac Seal Pumps

200 Series Pumps

Elastomer Lined/Metal Horizontal Pumps

Model VRG-200 Series Pumps are accepted throughout the world for their proven ability to pump abrasive and corrosive slurries.

200 Series Horizontal Pumps are designed to lower operating costs in a variety of applications such as lime mud, acids/corrosives, caustics, they also successfully pump starches, stringy-fibrous materials and froth laden slurries.

Elastomer or metal construction

  • Material choice for optimal wear

Wet, dry gland or mechanical seal operation

  • No flush water required

Semi-open impeller

  • Easily passes large particles and stringy-fibrous materials

Optimized hydraulics

  • Effective in difficult systems

Casing drain plug

  • Damage prevention from freezing or settled solids

Heavy-duty cartridge bearing assembly

  • Easy maintenance and longer life

Universal motor bracket

  • Common base for multiple motor sizes


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